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Guys - Pet names...what does this mean to you?


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Guys....when do you start with the pet names and what does that mean for you?


I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months now. We only get together about once a week b/c I've been traveling for work a lot and we do live 45 minutes apart. This week he started calling me pet names and not just "babe" I know people who use that all the time so that wouldn't pahse me....but like Sweetie and Cutie Pie and stuff like that. I think I'm hoping this means he's feeling closer to me and able to open up more...but maybe it means absolutly nothing.


So guys what do you think it means?

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Yep I'd agree it's lovely when the pet names start and it does make things feel more romantic. Babe is one I jokingly warn people I dislike. As you say it 's something everyone uses.


If the pet names make you smile then they definitely mean something and most likely mean something to him. It can be fun to make up names together and ask which they like best. Sweetie is probably my favourite to call a guy. And hun is what I'm being called at the moment


What would you like to call him?

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I think it depends on the person. Some people call anyone "babe," but for others the nickname thing isn't something that they take lightly. I don't mind nicknames, but I'm not a huge fan of the generic stuff like "babe." Still, I gotta admit it feels pretty nice when my new boyfriend calls me "babe" or "sweetheart."

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I agree it's nice it makes me feel like maybe he's settling in but that's why I want to get a guys opinion....what's going on int he male mind when this happens?


@Snoopie - I'm really not sure what I would like to call him I think one day it'll just come out and if he likes it maybe it'll stick.

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My boyfriend and I aren't very big on nicknames.


He calls me "darling" and "dear" once in a while. (never babe or anything like that). Once in a great while, when he's in a good mood, I'll be asking him something and he'll say "Yes m'dear".


I just call him "dear" and ruffle his hair, hahaha.

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