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Hey people.


So I have this situation that I really need to close and I decided to post here. And the situation is this:


The Girl - Swim teacher at the pool I go 2x a week.


It all started in late '10 when she started to work there. I was getting (in my opinion) positive signs, such as

- intense and long eye contact.

- she was constantly near me.

- she seemed nervous when i got near her.

- i constantly caught her staring at me and when she got caught, she looked down.

- ignoring me in an obvious way.

- one time, she even started a "situational" conversation with me.

- when i arrived/lefted the pool, she would turn over just to stare.


Even though I'm usually good at attracting women and talking to them, I never got the nerve to talk to her...


So one day (sometime in March '11), without thinking, I found her facebook page and sent her a message, along with a friend's request, telling her I wanted to know her... (a bad bad BAD move by myself). She never answered and rejected my friend's request (although I never knew if she recognized me).


So I initially decided to give up on her. But the signs never totally disappeared. And new ones started to appear:

- when i talk to her co-workers, she makes an effort to listen to the conversation.

- she treats me different than other people - acts nice to me (sometimes "rude" - like walking by me, hitting me and not apologizing).

- mimics my movements.

- and sometimes she stares pissed at me (my friends have told me that she's frustrated because I never approached her ...)


The crush I had on her never disappeared. But I'm getting tired of the fact that we haven't evolved in over a year.


I apologize if the post is too big but I really needed to take this out of my mind.


Give me your opinions.



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If you're so tired that you haven't evolved over a year, then why the hell aren't you doing anything about it?


Going to FB to try to talk to her when you see her in person all the time? That's unbelievably weak. I'm frankly surprised she's still into you.


But she is. So grow a pair and do something about it.

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So one day without thinking you looked her up on fb? What kinda loap of crap is that? Of course you were looking. She's flirting with you by hitting you, giving you eye contact, why don't you get it out of the way and ask her out for coffee after she gets off work.

If she rejects you wear some speedos the next time you are in the swimming class to make her feel uncomfortable.

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