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Ok so I met this girl amazing at the beginning of January. We never should have met the way we did. A lot of unexplained things happened which caused us to begin talking in the first place. We hit it off and fell for each other fast. Things were going great and after about to weeks she told me she thought we were moving to fast and she wanted to slow things down. About a week later she said that ever since we had slowed things down I had started smothering her, so I backed off. Things started going great again. Then this past Saturday we took my two kids and here daughter to the circus. My son decided he wasn't going to listen the entire day and I yelled at him. The next day she told me that she was done and that I needed to leave her alone. That night she called me saying she wanted to be friends and we could go out sometime for drinks or lunch. She told me that she didn't want to date anyone right now period, but if she was to end up with someone down the road that I couldn't get mad. Then on Monday she called me again and told me that she wanted to call because she had been thinking about me. She said that we might be able to hang out next week sometime. She then told me that she had told her best friend that we weren't together anymore and that it sucked because she really cared about me and wanted things to work out. Before she got off the phone she told me not to hope things will work out but we needed to hang out as friends and just go with the flow and see what happens. She also told to to give her some time. After Monday I didn't hear anything from her. Then today out of the blue she texts me asking me how I am and how I am doing. Appearently she talked to my mom on Sunday night as well and told here that she hoped everything worked out and that I needed to find a job before I got out of the military because she wasn't going to date someone that didn't have a job. I've had multiple people tell me that we are going to get back together because if she really didn't want to, she wouldn't be telling me all this. So I guess my question is should I be her friend and see where things go and if anyone else agrees with what my friends told me about things not really being over yet...She is definitely worth fighting for though....

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