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Hopeless. I need help.


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I usually write on here because I think there is hope, BUT I feel like that's gone. My ex and I have been broken up for about 4 months now. I have been wishing we could be back together but he doesnt want to get back with me because he wants his own "SPACE" and wants to figure what he wants to do with his life. Plus it was bad timing and the relationship wasnt good because we both had no jobs and were living at his mom's house, which I think destroyed the relationship. I still have hope for him and know he loves me. He drove four hours to and from to come see me last week. I think he cares a bit? But now he wont call me or write me. And I get so down because Im dwelling on the past and that's all I ever think about. Its been harder than ever now. Im addicited to calling and writing to him, which I know I should stop because its unattractive, but Im lost and I dont know what else to do to prove to him. I REALLY want him back I DONT want to let him go. I wish I wouldve never treated him bad when I had the chance to make it right. I will never forgive myself for that because I love him alot. I'm so lost. I feel like Im loosing my mind everyday that passes now. Someone please help me with a sense of direction.

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And it makes it harder because he told me he will ALWAYS love me and ALWAYS care about me. He is a really good guy. I just think he has trouble adjusting to the civilian life and all. All I did was try to push him so that we could move out of his mom's house. But we argued instead and I guess he got tired and didnt want to move in with me. Our relationship was beautiful mosst of the times we didnt spent arguing. I dont think its too late, he said it was the "WRONG TIME". He says he wants to be friends but I dont want to fall in that category. I was like a precious rose to him at one point of our lives. He even had intentions of proposing to me on the cruise We have gone through so much together, and the only reason I CONTACT him everyday is because Im afraid to loose him. I dont want him to forget me and find someone else. He doesnt like when I try to beg him back or anything like that. It always puts him in an uncomfortable stage, I guess thats why he stopped calling me back. what should I do? WE had something so special and I know we were soulmates. I dont want to move one. I know I WONT!

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My simple advice to you is, stop the contact. As a guy I'm telling you , it'll only push him further. And if he wants space, give him space. If this guy is right for you he'll come round, but hold back on the contact.


As humans, we want something we don't have.

And if you need someone to talk to, there's plenty of real cool people here who you can vent to every now and again. Hit up my inbox if i could be of anymore assistance


Take care!

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