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she wants to end it, but keep the friendship.


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I made a post recently about how the girl I had sex with a few nights ago was basically being normal. Well she brought up something to me last night that I was disappointed in. She basically told me she has still been involved with her ex, and that we have to stop what we are doing because she will feel bad if it happens again... she told me she didn't feel bad having sex with me because when she asked what they were, in terms of being together or not, he said they were not actually together. And he said that if she were to be with someone else, he wouldn't care.... she said he is just saying that, and it's more of a defensive play because his mom doesn't like her. but basically, she said she doesn't want to get involved with anyone before she leaves for school. and she only would get involved with her ex because it's "familiar" and "comfortable", and also because he has no expectations of her and he doesn't care.


she made a comment last night too that was "you finally got what you wanted..". Which sort of made me upset, because that's not ALL I wanted from her. A while ago, I actually wanted a relationship, not just sex. And supposedly, after sex she made a comment that she later confirmed she actually meant, which was "maybe you will be nicer to me now.."


I don't know whether I should be upset or not, or if I should even stay her friend. I feel like she did this because she was trying to prove a point, but in the process she totally disregarded her and I.


Any advice is helpful. Thanks.

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I would tell her that you didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. In other words if you fall for this, she deserves an academy award.


Pick your battles, is she worth your time?


I guess it's probably best to cut it off now, especially if I happened to get more attached than I should, considering she is leaving. I just don't know if I should stay in contact with her, or if I even could do that. Argh

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Okay look.. comments like "you finally got what you wanted.." and "maybe you will be nicer to me now.." do you know what those comments spell out? Thats right probably her past sexual experiences with men ending after they had their way with her...possibly some past sexual abuse of some kind? maybe she was raped at some point. that comment about her saying she was drunk...maybe some guy took advantage of her and now she thinks you'll do the same. Look women aren't always terribly relational. Also it sounds like this girl has more problems than you can handle or any man for that matter. Take it from me...I can spot this from a mile away, because guess what? This kind of situation you're having? I've had the opposite problem, but its really the same. Young women who are VERY VERY MESSED UP

wanting to be with me...even wanting to have sex with me and guess what? I couldn't do it. because they had been abused by other men in their life and I knew about it. So, I couldn't have sex with them. Its just how it works...believe me this is not a situation you want to purse. If you think she's being mean now...wait until you just want to die. I mean for like six months you just wish someone would put you out of your misery, because you wanted to help someone that you loved that you couldn't help.

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