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should i do this again?

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i met a girl and spent a week with her and i asked her out, she would then return to my state in 3 months. We fell in love with eachother but things weren't going too good so we broke up. she wanted back and i told her when she comes down here i'll think about it. now she's been here for 3 weeks and she only wants to be friends but i love her and want to be with her. She'll move down here in less than a year so what should i tell her? what can i say to get her to take another shot at this? How can i change her mind?

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Hi Anthony,


Thank you for posting your question to eNotalone.com. Unfortunately you cannot force someone back into a relationship with you. The feeling must be mutual.


If you feel that you are ready to be a little patient with her, my suggestion is that you take things back to the beginning again. Go back in time with your mind and think of the things she used to like about you. Start giving her compliments again and be her friend.


This all will take some patience and unfortunately success is not guarantueed. If you feel this will drain you too much, it might be easier to go your separate ways. Last but not least, my advice is to be careful that you don't take out any frustration that this might cause on to your friend.


I wish you good luck


~ SwingFox ~

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