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Last night I went out with friends after couple of months not going out... I just wasn't into it or did I feel like being in the whole club scene. Last time I saw ex was 4 months ago...


So we went to this club... And here she comes... She came said hi to my friend, then looked at me expecting a hug but I just shook her hand and said hi.... The girl is dressed * * * * ty.. It just looks like she wants attention... I mean i just felt like "what a hell are you doing." I can notice throughout the night she was looking at my direction a lot...


After a while I just felt like throwing up... The anxiety kicked in... So I decided to leave. The whole night she was maybe 2 feet behind me... On my way out I de eider to tell her "bye" at least.


Me: it was nice seeing you tonight. I'm gonna go.

Her: whatever, at least next time you can act like you're happy to see me.

Me: (at this point I looked at her neckless as it was something weird)

Her: and don't go looking at my boobs like that, it's too late.


I didn't feel like saying anything and stooping to her level as she was looking for argument like our whole relationship has been.


However, those words and those couple of moments are being run in constat reply motion in my head. The way I see that girl now... I mean, nothing going for her... She just has her semi-looks... No brain, no future... Only partying. Doing shots and acting like a 15year old girl... I loved that girl, I still probably do... But I know that there is no future with her... At least not the life I want. I'm just not into whole glamour, fashion, clubbing scene.


Yet, this set me back up. I feel the guilt of failed relationship... The words she said... Maybe I should have talked to her... Which... Who knows might have bring us closer... But that would only be great for that time... The reality would still be different.


Here it is Sunday, and I'm just not feeling well at all... I don't know what's going on with me.


Thanks for reading.

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Listen, really, don't worry about it OP. This is one night out of all of the nights of your life. It is just crap that on the night that you finally felt like you could go out, she was there and acted so rudely. You said hi, you said bye, there's no need to be buddies especially when she's being so aggressive.


Leave it, wait another month and then go and have an awesome night with your friends somewhere where she's not going to be. It's a bit of a setback, but you've made it this far and you CAN keep going. Good luck.

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These types of unwanted encounters happen frequently, but you need to realize that you're the prize in the situation and you deserve the best.


You don't need to go out partying with your friends every night, you just need to utilize your time that you've been given and start putting real, concrete work into yourself.


You can't go wrong if you put the work in and don't look back.

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Sounds like u love her and really wanted a certain life with her.. but last night reaffirmed that she is not that person and it can't be..


I feel very similar to my ex.. I love her its been 3 months.. but she is young and wants to party and its not me.. age still calls every few weeks.. I never pu..


It sucks.. but what u need is to forget her and stop dwelling in the past and what ifs, and go find a girl that will fit into the lifestyle that u want..


Then you won't feel like this anymore about your ex..

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It's been over a year since our breakup and I've realized a while back that she's not the girl I thought she was... Yet seeing her still messes me up. All day today I kept reliving the moment from last night... I just can't get over it now. Sometimes it hits me and I snap out of it by telling myself she'll never grow up as her whole family is like that... But then I remember the good times, no matter how short they were...


Wish I didn't go out at all... But then sooner or later I'll run into her... It'll be even worse when i hear or see her dating.

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