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What should I do?story is long but I need advice badly!:(


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I'm kind of going out with this guy.Our relationship is kind of complicated.He is the older brother of my best friend.Im 22 and his 27.He started liking me 2 1/2 years ago.We started talking & dating.At that time also, his sister was dating her ex husband.She was fine with him and I going out.but me & him stopped dating because I felt like I wasn't ready cause I just got out of a long relationship at that time.anyway, 1 year later or so, my friend got divorced & I was always there for her, supported her all the way.& me and him started dating and properly this time.this started around may 2011. I told her about us but I didn't ask for her permission if it was okay because I assumed that it's ok.& there was one night that she invited a guy she met at a club to her house and had a party, that night me & her brother did it.things did well on my side but not hers.i didn't tell her right away that me and her brother slept but 1 day later I told her.and she told me, you have everything don't you? You have me, my brother, my family.Then my birthday came, she didn't celebrate it with me.She gave me a bday card and a guilt letter saying, it seems like you want 100% happiness but you can't have it.& I like things one way only, I don't like to be in the middle. So I replied back to her saying, you'll never be in the middle because we're all adults here.then I dont know what happened.We got into a big fight.She called me a * * * * * , family wrecker,etc. and he saw it all.so her and I stopped talking & I told him that we can't see each other bec he doesn't need this drama, no one does, he deserves to be happy & so do I.but we deserve each other. I told him that I don't want him to have conflict with his family and have to chose.i don't like that.We didn't see each other for 3 months but 4 days ago, we met secretly.oh how I miss him so much! We had a great talk, enjoyed each others company.He told me that just give his sister a little time & he told her that she shouldn't be mad at me like that.I don't know what to do. I was thinking of talking to her or send her a letter after thanksgiving saying I apologize if I really made you feel like in the middle & without me realizing it but I cannot lie, my heart,my eyes cannot lie,I like your brother.I hope you can forgive me & maybe support me? what do you think of this whole thing? I need honest opinions & advices please.& thank you for taking the time to read this. So what should I do guys?am I bad friend for choosing her brother instead of all the other guys? Him & I thought we'd never go out with each other bec I've known their family for 10 years.but it seems like we have great chemistry & have alot of things in common.*&one more thing I texted him 4 hours ago & said

I'm off today let's do something!but he hasn't replied

Yet.lol I'm tempted to call him.

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She was okay with it before when she had a guy to be with as well. Now that she is not with him anymore, she feels like she needs moral support coming from every person in her life. She honestly should be the one to say sorry. You aren't choosing her brother over her. You had both of them in your life and it worked well the first time. You can't help who you fall in love with. It may suck that she feels hurt. While she should be the one to apologize, I don't think your idea to apologize as well is a bad idea! Don't say sorry for anything you actually did because you didn't really do anything wrong. Simply say sorry that you made her feel that way and that you don't want to lose your best friend over it. If she tells you to choose, then she obviously isn't being a very good friend. You are all adults! You shouldn't have to be sneaking around to be with the person you want!!

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