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help me lose 200lbs. without getting lost in diets, technicalities, etc.

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i'll be turning 22 next month and while i've said it many times before, i sincerely think it's time for a drastic change in my life. no, you didn't read the title wrong. indeed i want to lose 200 lbs. i don't remember the last time i weighed myself in, but i must be around 420lbs., if not more as of this moment (9pm on november 24th, 2011). i need a big change (no pun intended) to occur and it needs to start now. the one thing i'd like to avoid is getting caught up in technicalities such as calorie counting, no-carb diets, etc. i want to do this as naturally as possible. if i'm just given some guidance by someone who knows what they're talking about, in simple terms, i'll do just what you tell me. once the precise measurements of food intake, the bmi numbers, etc. are brought up i start to lose the appetite to want to do it. isn't it enough that i'll see (and more importantly, feel) a change physically and psychologically? smaller waist size, looser fitting shirts, ability to run/walk longer, go out without feeling ashamed, etc. i don't care about numbers. what do i need to do to lose all that weight? i want to do it, not because of the physical side-effects of it so much as i do the psychological and social aspects. at the same time, it wouldn't hurt to feel physically better. at the point i'm at, i get short of breath so easily, walking often times hurts my feet and knees, etc. i'm aware of the bad i'm doing unto myself and i want to change it now. i don't even know how i got to this point, but i desperately want a change. i know it won't happen overnight and that kills me, but i'm seriously willing to put in the hours, sweat, tears and blood to make this happen.


any help would be much appreciated.

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Good for you for not getting caught up in diets!!! There are a few things I would do 1) Cut out all soda and sugary drinks, plain or slightly flavored water, milk, and juice only. 2) Cut down on the condiments, when you order salads for example don't put a lot of dressing on it. 3) Figure out when you full. Its actually a lot harder then most people think. Often we use outside factors to determine when we are finished eating (the plates empty, the TV show is over etc) so really pay attention to your body 4) Start taking a 20 minuet walk each day and slowly build from there. 5) When you are craving something sweet have fruit not candy.


You should ONLY lose ~2lbs a week at most. Any more that that is unhealthy. Also talk to your doctor for more tips.

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I think when there's such a huge weight loss involved, it is best to be under the care of a doctor and a dietician who can monitor you and guide you because at that weight there is a LOT more risk involved in all aspects, such a diabetes and high blood pressure, to name just a few. To lose that much weight can take a few years. I would strongly advise you see a doctor first and a dietician to help you.

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Firstly have you considered surgery? It sounds like you could really benefit from lapband surgery. If you don't want to go down that path you could start by cutting back your calories and exercising more. I myself have been overweight before and I know how hard it can be. The most imported thing is to get started...it really is. You have to make a commitment to yourself that you don't want to continue living this way and that you're going to try your best to stay on track.

Unfortuntately there is no other way but to diet and exercise. I don't know what you eat on a normal day but I'm sure you could cut it back, I found giving up soda made a huge difference, cutting out butter, converting to skim milk rather than full-fat....these are small changes but can really help you lose weight.


Exercise is intitially not as important as cutting out calories but it becomes essential a couple of months later. Start by doing at least 10 mins a day of walking or something else you enjoy doing, it could be even walking around your backyard and listening to your favourite music.


I also found it helpful to keep a food journal and write down everything I ate that day, that way I it was accounted for. You can also record your weightloss goals and then you can overtime start to see the results, it feels amazing.


I wish you luck, you should keep us posted and we can all offer you support. I know how hard it is but you just need to start and then it becomes so much easier.

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I think when there's such a huge weight loss involved, it is best to be under the care of a doctor and a dietician who can monitor you


Totally agree. No one on an internet forum board can safely advise you how to lose this much weight. There are just too many risks involved.

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You should ONLY lose ~2lbs a week at most. Any more that that is unhealthy. Also talk to your doctor for more tips.


With this I would say try to stay realistic. You are not going to lose 200 lbs over night. To lose that kind of weight, it will take years and commitment.


One recommendation I would give, relating this to my own weight loss, avoid "cheat days". I made little progress by taking too many "cheat days".


Another thing I ended up having to do is avoiding the staff room at lunch. Too many sweets other staff were bringing in to be nice.

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Thanks for the responses! I should add... I'm not looking to do this FAST, so don't really feel the need to go see my doctor. I think just getting up and exercising more, eating less, etc. doesn't require the guidance of a doctor. Outside of the odd pop-or-two a month, i've completely cut out sodas a long time ago. I don't eat 'junk food', like chips, chocolate, cookies, etc. I used to as a kid, but not for the past few years. It's true, I do eat more than a 'regular' person, but I've noticed over the last few months that my appetite has subsided quite a bit and I'm eating less than before. I can walk an hour a day; will that really help? I'm willing to make drastic (within reason) changes to my diet and lifestyle, but I want to do it without doctors and all that. Of course I realize there's no way other than through diet and exercise to lose all this weight. I just want to know if cutting back on what I eat and walking more is all I need to do. Sorry if some of what I say seems contradictory; I'm a pretty 'confused' person! Again, thanks for the replies!


I should also add... Once I commit myself to something, I'm very dedicated. I'm hoping that's the case with this, too. This'll be the biggest thing I'll have ever done if I do it (and I will)!

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I should add... I'm not looking to do this FAST, so don't really feel the need to go see my doctor. I think just getting up and exercising more, eating less, etc. doesn't require the guidance of a doctor.!

You wouldn't be seeing a doctor solely about what kind of diet/exercise is required. At 420lbs there is huge risks involved, as previously mentioned, like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease etc etc. Those things are very serious and SHOULD be checked, simply for your own health, nevermind the weight loss aspect. A dietician would be of great benefit to you in many many ways. Do some research into this and you may just be a little surprised/shocked to see exactly how serious this can be.

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Thanks for the responses! I should add... I'm not looking to do this FAST, so don't really feel the need to go see my doctor. I think just getting up and exercising more, eating less, etc. doesn't require the guidance of a doctor. )


If you were looking to lose 50 pounds or less, I'd agree. But at 420 pounds, it is not advisable you undertake ANY kind of diet or exercise plan without the support of a physician.


Why are you so against seeing a doctor?

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- Get blood work and urine test to determine whether you have diabetes or any other problems.

- Speak to a dietitian that can help guide you through the weight-loss and hep you determine which foods are best for you to eat

- Join a gym and hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. The personal trainer can help you with equipment and motivate you when you feel like giving up. Everyone feels like giving up and that it's simply too hard, you need a person that can and will push you to overcome boundaries!

- Weigh and measure yourself.


I would never suggest surgery to anyone unless they were 500lbs+ an even then people can lose wight without surgery, but it involves a lot of hard work and diet!

whether you like it or not you will have to eat the right food, and stay within your daily calorie intake. Calories in calories out.

It has to be a lifestyle change, and for the first month it will test your ability and will but the beginning is always hardest.


It's important to know what your exact weight is, you want to know where you're starting and go from there. You don't and shouldn't obsess about it so plan a weigh-in session every 2-4 weeks and the more you work towards your goal you will see the progress of all the hard work.


The key is to be dedicated even when you don't feel like it. Don't cheat, don't eat junk food and force yourself to get to the gym. Start with walking 4-5 days a week for about 2-weeks and join a gym. Start 3 days a week for the first two weeks at the gym, then increase the number of days weekly until you hit the 5-6 day mark. Leave one at most two days for rest but don't use this day to eat junk, drink soda or eat unhealthy food.


The key to weight loss is remembering whether you like it or not your lifestyle has to change if you want to lose weight; eating habits must change and there are certain foods you should give up. Diet and exercise go hand in hand, you have to watch what you eat and portions but you also have to start exercising.

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You are going to need to diet.

That doesn't mean starve yourself. A diet is a prescribed selection of food. You're going to have to learn about nutrition. You say you don't want to get into the technicalities, but what you don't realize is you are slowly dying by avoiding a simple change in just knowing what to consume and how food affects your body.


Dieting for you is going to be very simple. Of course, you're not gonna get caught up in all of those gimmicks but the essential principal is the same. To lose weight, calories out must be greater than calories in. You don't want to starve yourself because you'll go into starvation mode. You don't want to overeat which are the tendencies of a fat person. You also want to eat more frequently, such as 8 small meals throughout the day to trick your metabolism into into speeding up.


You're gonna have to really evaluate what you eat. First of all, what do you eat on a daily basis? What's sitting in your cupboards? It all starts with the food you eat, and your attitude on food will have to change. Like I said, dieting is not starving yourself, it's a prescribed selection of food.


You say " i want to do it, not because of the physical side-effects of it so much as i do the psychological and social aspects."

Well here's the truth, and also my opinion: physical side-effects are much more important because you're talking about your mortality, not your social life. Think about what that means for a minute. You care about how people will perceive you and how you will perceive yourself, you don't even realize that pretty soon, if you keep this up that you'll end up with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or maybe you already have all of those and choose to neglect them. I'm giving you a stronger drive to want to do this because you will die if you don't. If you're not scared, why? I would be scared if I were you. You wanna do this for social aspects or your social life, you may not even have a life, and I'm talking about mortality here.



You should ONLY lose ~2lbs a week at most. Any more that that is unhealthy. Also talk to your doctor for more tips.

I disagree. He's gonna think something is wrong with him when he's doing everything correctly and loses like 20lbs in the first week, and there's nothing wrong with that if he does everything correctly and is really motivated. Keep in mind he weighs 420 lbs.

For a small girl, 2 lbs is probably a lot. For a big guy who's like 420lbs, 2 lbs in a week is nothing!

You're putting him in the frame of mind of a small girl.


3500 calories = 1 lbs

7 days in a week, -500 calories everyday in a week (500 x 7 = 3500), you can lose 1 lbs a week.

This is also why you need to diet and eat healthy. I'll say it again and I'm gonna sound like a broken record, dieting does not mean starving yourself, it is a prescribed selection of food. If you can see a nutritionist or dietitian, that will help you a lot. Infact, you must do that before you start. You'll have to see if you have any illnesses first though because if you have diabetes, you may need to change something up, and a guy like you very well might have diabetes, so go see a doctor immediately. I agree with Capricorn3 that you should have someone monitor you and guide you, someone who knows what they're doing.


I'm gonna give you a step-by-step guide, or a checklist of what you should do:

Step 1) Record everything down on in a journal. Write down your weight, your waist size, and your goals. You should also write your action plan, like "I am going to work out for an hour each day". Write down some affirmations too each day like "I am doing this because..." and "I believe in myself." These are great tools for helping you keep motivated, and reach your goals of being psychologically well and it will help with those social aspects you want to improve. You should be writing in your journal everyday; what you eat, how you feel, where you struggled in your exercises.

Step 2) Go see a doctor. That should actually be Step 1 but I forgot to write that, so I'm putting it here.

Step 3) Clear out your kitchen. Throw out the food that's making your health worse. Eliminate what's killing you. You must evaluate the food you're eating right now.

Step 4) Work out. I can't really provide much information from here on without getting some feedback from you. If you're serious about this, and you're willing to put in the hours, sweat, tears, and blood, then you will receive a lot of help. People will only want to help you if you help yourself first by doing what's necessary. I know you don't want to see a doctor, but do it. You need to know more about your body and what might be wrong with it. It's absolutely critical.

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OP In addition to the usual watch what you eat and eat healthy, also do research on attitudes towards eating. If you eat right, the hunger won't be there, but prepare yourself for the emotions. Those emotions vary a lot. Feel the freedom to leave some food on the plate at a restaurant and resist any temptation to eat anything as a reward or stress reducer. My boss had a health scare and he's slowly lost a lot of weight by changing his attitudes towards food. His "reward" to himself is paying a bit more for healthier foods that are still tasty. Rather than allowing yourself to indulge once in a while, research the healthier options that are still delicious. Once you make it a habit to eat better, you will feel so good that it won't be as difficult as a "diet."


However you do it, congratulations on making this life decision to take care of yourself. Best of luck to you and let us know how you're doing. We love hearing success stories here, and we're always here to offer encouragement.

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Eat nothing but fresh fruits and veggies. Some nuts are good, as well. Only allow yourself about 4 oz. of meat per week. No sugars, do not put salt on ANYTHING. Eat nothing out of a can. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise there is. Do some strength training with weights as well. The combo of cardio and strength training really knocks off the pounds in a healthy way. When you get hungry and it is not a time to eat, drink flavored water. Kills hunger fast! This should do it.

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I've lost a fair bit of weight just by watching what portions I eat at every meal and trying to eat more frequently wtihin the proper food groups / portions. I've yet to count calories (mostly just ball parking) but I do go to the gym 3x a week and I run or swim another 2-3 days too. I completely get the not wanting to count calories, although once you get into the routine of it, it's not too bad...initially its a pain so I've avoided doing it. That being said I think I am starting to plateau so I might have to start counting to get past this. But for you, you can easily lose weight by just eating good foods from the proper food groups in the correct portion.

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Ignore any advice which does not include the words "see a doctor" you really need to see a doctor. I would see if they can put you in touch with a support group of overweight individuals also trying to lose weight as well. Please please please see a doctor. Some of the advice here is fine for someone trying to lose 10 lb but is harmful for someone trying to lose 200+. You need to see a nutritionist and probably have a prescribed exercise plan, otherwise you could do real joint damage. Spend the time reading up on nutrition and buying what you need and start slowly, but yeah, see a doctor first.


DON'T just pick a diet randomly. It won't work and you'll get discouraged. Don't try to starve yourself either. You need to know how many calories a day you need to eat to lose weight and start constructing a meal plan around that, but that is something you will do with the doctor and nutritionist.

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Some very good advice here. The reason why people are telling you to see a doctor is because you HAVE to figure out where your body is. Even something as simple as blood pressure is EXTREMELY important to figure out if you have hypertension. It is simply not SAFE to do some types of exercises until that BP is brought down. Same with heart rate. I'll skip out on most of the info I was going to provide because it's been stated already.


A couple of things: You don't NEED to exercise 5x a week vigorously to see health benefits. As little as 200kcal a week has been shown to show health benefits. 700-1000 /week is a good intermediate starting point. HEALTH benefits are different than fitness benefits. Someone who's 300lbs could theoretically be healthier than someone who's 170lbs. There is such a thing as a healthy fat person.


Because of your weight, you'll be able to lose more than 2lbs a week safely. Start off just walking. It's all about progression. Do 20 minutes 3x a week one day. If you can, do it every day. The more the better...dose response is very real and is proven in literature for health/fitness benefits. I'm very happy to read that you don't want to do surgeries/fad diets and all that. If you want, start a blog-ish type thread and let us help you. I have lots of time, am just finishing my degree and getting two different certificates within the next 6 months. I want to help.


Can you break down your diet, in terms of what you would eat on a day/weekend day? I don't need a calorie by calorie breakdown, but I'm very curious to see where you're at diet wise. How many meals a day do you eat? What is included in those meals? You said that you eat more than the average person - this is to be expected, but there are lots of ways to "fill yourself up". Even just drinking lots of water before a meal is helpful.

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