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Did I just land myself in the friendzone?


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First Post!


I met this girl about 3 weeks ago by chance at the train station. I felt that she was really into me (physical touching, inquisitive questions, wanting my phone number). We have been texting ever since and I thought everything was going fine because she responds quickly, tries to prolong the conversation, and even initiates sometimes. When I asked her to "hang out with me" (lame, I know) at the museum, she seemed very receptive and said yes to going.


However, I got a very strange message today. She was saying Happy Holiday but ended with "I'm glad that I have a new friend"


I may be over thinking that one word but do you guys think that she is hinting that she sees only friendship? I seriously thought I had something going here..


Thanks for the help!

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Yes, definitely overthinking it this early in the game. Go on the date with her follow her lead if she gives you one. When a woman really likes you, it is usually obvious. If she is shy and holds back, but still continues to go out with you, call you, prolong convos, etc., then it will be up to you to make the moves, politely and with care of course.

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I'd second overthinking. Its still status quo.


But what you might want to plan on doing in the near future is to confirm where you're headed. Ask her out and use the word "date" in your invite. And you will know whether she intends you to be a friend or bf. And look at it this way too, even if she sees you as a friend, it might trigger her to consider otherwise. After that if she still sees you as a friend, move on. My advice - don't invest in this too emotionally just yet.

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Well, this situation didn't turn out so well I think. Around 10 days ago, she texted me to say that she was accepted into graduate school. I thought it would be a nice thought to give her a phone call back to congratulate her. When we talked, she seemed very uneasy and the convo ended in like 4 minutes. I texted her a few days later to say "how are you?" but she never responded. I know that its finals time right now but she still regularly updates her Facebook and such so I'm pretty sure that she ignored me.


So now I haven't talked to her in almost 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure she lost interest for some vague reason. I don't want to be overly clingy and keep trying to communicate with her too.


Oh well.

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