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What differentiates worry and intuition??


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I'm a huge worry wort about a lot of things in life and jump to assuming negative outcomes I think to prepare myself for the worst and It's not good for me at all. I try to listen to my gut as often as possible but have a hard time telling the difference between my over worrying and my intuition.


I have read that intuition is more of how a circumstance makes you feel. That could be anxious, sick to your stomach, or other physical reactions & that worrying is all in your head. Is this true?


I'd love to hear how you define it? I wanna make sure I'm always listening to my inner voice.

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I usually have a feeling in the pit of my stomache when someone is about to die. I usually get the day before or the day of. I also take past events into play. I have this feeling like I'm going to lose my job, but that is after seeing a stack of job applications and even though two people have left there were a lot there. I get physically ill when I think of it.

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In my experience, my intuition will give me the answer immiediately, it will feel like second nature, and I wouldnt even have to consider if its the right thing to do or not, or whether my perception of a situation or sense of an environment is wrong.


My head, on the other hand, which, like yours is open to worrying can, via certain triggers (links to past hurts or experiences) likes to try to swamp out this gut reaction...


Interestingly enough though, Ive got to be honest and say that it isnt always literally a "gut" reaction. Its sometimes also a "heart" reaction, intuitively. I think the head, or at least my head, IS good at somethings, but its modes seem more rigid and mechanical than my other bodily sources of "knowing". The head also likes to think it is in sole control, and Ive learnt thats a load of b locks. I'd go with my heart, anytime, to be honest.

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