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In a mix of emotions and can't take it anymore


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I been in NC with my ex girlfriend of 10 months for 40 days. Its been up and down for me some days i feel fine and positive and then days like today i feel angry upset, sorry. I'm just hurt that two days after she broke up with me she hooked up with another guy 2 days later and was still talking to me and telling me she still loves me more than a friend and saying it could work and all that bull S&$7 ex's say. Then about 3 weeks after the break up she was so cold towards me and told me she didn't love me anymore and didn't want to be in my life and that she hooked up with that guy and bragged about it( a friend told me he wants nothing to do with her now because she is to clingy) . Saying her new friends stand up for her and i never did.( which is bull s$%^)


Then i went NC and during this time she tried contacting me once. Which was over an xbox live party chat. I was playing with my friends and she told her friends little brother to join my chat. I was friends with him and he told me that my ex told me to join the chat and i said thats cool and he said that she says hi and i told him to tell her i said hi. Also i had been punched in the face by one of friends when we were drunk and playing around and her mom heard about it and told her. She texted a mutual friend and asked if he heard what happened, but he didn't. But she told him that she heard i got in a big fight and got beat up. I don't know how the story changed like that but whatever. She is a senoir in HS and my friends tell me its a phase and to not talk to her. She had been in a 2 year reltionship before me and she broke up with him hooked up with a couple guys and then a month later started with me and we went out for 10 months. She talked about him in the beggining, but the bad things about him but then she stopped talking to him all together about 5 months in even though they never talked much anyway it was just casual talk for birthdays and stuff, but i kinda feel like a rebound.


She also hungout with her ex about 2 times and when we first started hooking up he would always call her and hurt her saying mean things and she still hungout with him. I don't get it how can she miss him and not me? Was i just a rebound? We broke up due to argueing and she said we both changed. The argueing wasn't bad and we always made up........It drives me crazy and i'm so confused.

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So she hooked up with another guy after broken up with you, then still call you and say she loves you etc..She also broke up with her previous ex, but still contacting him and hung out. So what are the chances that when she was with you, calling her ex and telling him that she still love him?


Damn right you should be angry and confused. She used you as her emotional tampon. Once she got what she wanted, she moved to a different dude, and possibility back to her ex, while leave dangling in front of you a possibility or hope. She is seducing three guys at once.



Find a new girlfriend, trade her in for someone with less psychological problems.

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She only contacted her ex one time, it was him always contacting her and she doesn't love him i know this because she got detached from him a while before they broke up he treated her like * * * * and he moved to canada so thats not gonna happen i don't think lol. I feel like she might be in a case of GIGS i might be wrong but the things he other ex did to her and she still struck around and the only problem we had was we argued but i did everything for her and she did everything for me. Thats why its confuseing i think it might be GIGS but i could be wrong

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That's the "hope" side of you talking. She must have love me, why else she would do all these things for me in the past.


It is well established that guy who treats girl like crap, get the girls. Mangg. Where have you been? A substantially number of women like guys who treat them like dirt. It make it challenging for them, they want to change the guy. They want to be the ONE that subdued the beast. It is a turn on for them.


Get with the program, bro. If she loves you, she wouldn't be in contact with her abusive ex, and the new guy. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. I know I am telling you things you don't want to hear, but the fact that she's ignoring your frustration and emotional needs is a testimony to that. She does not care about you.


Time to trade her in for some hot blond who's more fit. This girl has issues, man. You deserve better than this crap.

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