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Ex Has been texting me what to do ?!


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Original story ...






Well My ex has now initiated conversations over texts for the past week n 2 days, she texts me in the morning and we text all through the day ... this came after 3 weeks of no contact i had and then she texted a mutual friend saying her head is messed up and everything is getting to her.


i kinda want any advice on why she would be doing this ? our texts are like the way we used to text and a bit flirtacious and stuff .. she said when we broke up she would never want to lead me on or give me false hope but now all this ?


would love a bit of advice from anyone that has maybe been through this or anyone that would like to add anything or ask anything i will be willing to give you any details you want.


Thank You



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She could be stringing you along, trying to find out what you're up to, showing signs of remorse, etc. But, how you react is entirely dependent upon you. Do you trust her? Can you forgiver her? Do you want to heal and move on? In general, I say NC, forget her, and move on. But, in the end, you'll do what you are compelled to do, one way or the other

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Loneliness, boredom,self-piety...who knows! Best i could throw at you would be if you wanna try again then wait for a clearer picture coming from her, this is all vague and blurry. Dont go NC expecting to get her back, maybe you need some work done out of NC reign BUT only to clear up the air.

NC is good to heal yourself and doesnt work well on some people if all what you want is to make their heart grow founder and raise their interest level higher (if some one is trying to get my attention and goes NC it will only make me grow bitter and start having hard feelings, i completely kick that person out of my life,no good!).

CAREFUL! all in balance...

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I do not think it is a good idea to say, "Leave me alone unless you want me back."


I do not think it is a good idea to say, "Leave me alone." period.


I think you would do well to consider that unless she is going to go along with what you want that you have no reason to entertain her contact. So you can either take control or keep her at arms length while keeping yourself busy and therefore set yourself up for success no matter what while simultaneously making yourself more attractive.


Try spacing out your texting, being incredibly brief and sometimes not replying at all.

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