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is my ex just being stubborn, or are her feelings real..?


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so the other day my ex was telling me about the "spark" that she wanted between her and i...sometimes shes afraid to kiss me and stuff, because she thinks that after she does it, so wont get that butterfly feeling in her stomach..she thinks that if that doesnt happens, then somethings wrong... when her and i dated everything was great!..yea we had our fights, but her actions were ALWAYS the same..there was never a time where she wanted to see me less, or txted me less..nothing like that...right before we broke up, we got in a fite, and i think thats what ended the relationship, and made her decide that she just wanted space... so what im wondering is... because she doesnt want a relationship right now, because shes being sooo stubborn, does anyone think that would affect the way she feels about me?

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What would you say she is being stubborn about?
taking baby steps.. its like..idk..idk idk..thats all she says.. i wanna make sure its right this..i wanna make sure its right that...i told her that she isnt gonna wake up one day and be like OMG i wanna be with you! its gonna happen slowly..she doesnt seem to get that
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