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Ex-girlfriend acting very strange. Advice and opinions please!

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Here is the long story short version of my most recent relationship. If you want more details, just look at some of my other threads.


-Started dating in June

-No arguments/fights/disagreements (I did not suck up or agree on EVERYTHING, it just happened to be that way)

-Her grandfather died end of September, this made her unable to attend her senior homecoming dance and told me last minute to cancel

-She texted me after the funeral that she wanted to see me next week because she missed me so much and really wanted to see me

-Visited her at school and she was happy to see me. After she kissed & hugged good-bye, she told me she would see me next week

-Came home, claimed she was "going to take a nap"

-Texted me 15mins later saying I need to come over because she "needs to talk to me"

-She dumped me claiming that she doesn't have time for me, some of the stuff I say is "too serious/nice" (not really), and she needs to focus on school. She was crying and kept telling me how amazing I was and how I was the best boyfriend she had ever had

-The next morning she texted me telling me that my money (for the cancelled homecoming) was on her porch. I never responded

-I went to her house and EVERYTHING I had ever given her was on the porch in one big pile, with my money underneath

-I am 18, freshmen in college. She just recently turned 17 and is still in high school as a senior, she will be going away to college.

-Ended first week of October


After this point, I immediately went NC. I blocked her from FaceBook, so I would not risk my healing being affected. I was trying to piece together in my mind what really had happened and why she suddenly broke it off when no warning signs beforehand. My uncle recently passed away on Nov. 2nd, and the funeral was Saturday (Nov. 4th). I made a FaceBook status that same day saying "R.I.P. Uncle ".


Today, I went on FaceBook to see a friend's picture and I see that my ex has just gotten into a new relationship with one of her best friends. This friend has been in her circle of friends since the beginning of high school, and she has even dated him for 2 weeks way before but dumped him because he was "feeling her up" and "being a perv" and decided to be best friends instead (what she told me when we were together).


This hurt me very much, yet I did not cry. Then just after I got a call offering me a new job, that put me in a better mood. So I went to work and my ex sent me a FaceBook message saying: "I just saw the status about your uncle. I'm so sorry. My prayers are with your family." I am not going to respond.


Why is she doing this? Is she just trying to alleviate her conscious, or does she really miss me? Either way, I do not care. I am only responding unless she wants to get back together and work things out. Until then, NC all the way.


Thoughts? Advice?

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I wouldn't say it is strange. It doesn't sound like the break up was a crazy one. You were a good boyfriend by her words she just sounds confused or needs to place her priorities elsewhere.


I'm sure she really is empathetic for your loss, especially since she lost someone recently as well.

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Yea doesnt sound strange to me either. She didnt want to be with you, and ended it. You two are very young and dont have a lot of experience dealing with these sorts of things, and it shows in her behavior, jumping back and forth so quickly.


You say you dont care, but you wouldnt be posting her if that was truly the case. Respond or dont, she has made absolutely no mention or overture of getting back together.


If you are still hurt by it all, stay away. If you go back in, youll just get hurt more.


Also yes, she is just offering condolences... nothing more. She obviously holds no ill will towards you, and its up to you to determine what if any friendship you have.

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