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examples of sexist people that ASTOUND you


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so, I'm just bumbling along the internets, when every now and then I come accross male posters who say just the most horrifying things. perhaps I'm just more sensitive to sexist males since I'm female, though I'm sure there's lots of horrifyingly sexist females! eNA is pretty neutral, from my experiences. this place is a really open-minded arena, with plenty of people to remind those who stereotype, to stop!


but get a load of this:

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I'm wondering if anyone has examples of super-sexist females! or other examples of super-sexist males. links to discussions would be great. I'm honestly really curious, how common this is. it scares me a little inside, to know these are actual adults who think like that, still existing in this day and age. obviously the world is not as equal as we'd like it to be.

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