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This girl I was flirting with today was going to hit me today, but stopped....


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Was talking to this girl at work today. I was teasing her about something and it looked like she was going to hit me on the shoulder.....then all of a sudden stopped. Why? was she nervous? or did she have second thoughts about flirting with me???


What does it mean when a girl does this?

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Maybe she realized that hitting you could be taken the wrong way in a work place environment, perhaps not by you, but another co-worker?

Perhaps she thought she might be too forward and was worried you might be one of those people that hates being touched?

I wouldn't read anything in to it.

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That would depend if she was being playful/fun, or if she was about to hit you due to feeling you insulted her.
I can say pretty confidently she wasnt really going to hit me lol. Dont know if she is being nice or what not but she always tells me to "stop by" or "where have you been".....When I dont want someone coming around to talk to me I end it like "ok have a good week" etc etc. but I know girls are different and can give off the wrong signals.
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