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Indigestion causing issues with lasting long


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So I have been having digestive issues for over a year now and just recently I have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. The doctor cannot figure out what is causing the digestive issue but has narrowed it down to IBS. I also have Gilbert's Syndrome, which really isn't a huge deal but issues with bilirubin can cause abdonminal pain.


For the past three weeks I have had a dull pain in my lower left abdomen, coming and going. I was getting better then, my libido was returning and erections were stronger. Now though I have had bloating and indigestion for a week, which is effecting my ability to last. I am still becoming aroused but feel like I have no control and my orgasms are not fulfilling, it's like I can't feel as well anymore but yet I have no control.


My diet is fairly healthy, but I have a suspicion that wheat and coffee may be contributing to the issue.


Has anyone had a similar problem? Anyone have any suggestions? Gluten free?

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What it comes down to is that you have a hereditary disease, and since you suffer from bloating it comes along with fructose malabsorption. My advice is to switch over to an all asian diet. Orientated towards more bitter foods, try it for 3 weeks, and see if you find improvement in your health. If so, stick with eating Asian type of foods, and never switch back anymore.

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Try going gluten free. It certainly helped me with my digestion problems. Other dietary issues might be nuts, eggs, sugars, or dairy. With IBS, it is sensible to do an exclusion diet, then gradually re-introduce things to your diet to see what you react to most. It's a long process but worth it.

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Thanks for the replies.


Xylitol it's not hereditary and it's not fructose malabsoprtion as I never had any issue eating sugary fruits. My diet is mostly non-processed food, and the processed food generally is simple. Although an Asian diet is probably best anyway since the type of food eaten in Asian countries tends to be healthier.


Guibilante, I am trying lower gluten foods and avoiding breads for a bit. It seems to help a bit but my Dr. recently recommended I stop taking all supplements with the exception of Calcium, D and fish oil. I'm lactose intolerant so I have to take calcuim.


Getting off of supplemental vitamins seems to be helping out a ton though!

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