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Should I Foster My Friend's Dog?


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Maybe you can help find the dog another home? It would really be a shame for a perfectly good 4 year old dog to be put down.

That really isn't the OP's responsibility. She has enough on her plate such as finalizing a divorce, finding another place to live, and getting her work situation fixed. How fair is her friend being to her by bar hopping while Cynder is working her ass off as it is while providing her a temporary home?

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Ok... I called the animal shelter and talked to the person in charge. We had a long conversation with me on speaker phone with like 5 shelter staff in the room.


After talking to them, I know there is no way I can take this dog.


I know the shelter is only looking out for his best interest. The stipulations they would put on me as a foster parent are staggering. I've fostered before, but since he's classified as an aggressive animal its a whole different story.


There is a $175 fee to remove him from the shelter, for one. And I would have to pay for him to be neutered, updated on his vacs, flea treated and treated for heart worms before removing him from the shelter as well. And they told me that as the person responsible for him, I am held responsible if he bites anyone. They would also be doing home visits here to make sure he's well taken care of and not in any danger or a danger to others.


And besides all that, the shelter won't hand him over to me even if I agreed to all that, because even though I've known this dog since puppyhood, he doesn't know my husband. So, my husband being here, especially alone with the dog, is a danger.


So, I can't take him. I did do a search for Minpin rescue groups here where I live though and I contacted one. Haven't heard back yet.

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Yeah....definitely too much of a liability. You'd be the one in trouble if the aggressive dog attacked someone, even your husband. You have enough to deal with and are shouldering (I think) wayyyy too much of this woman's baggage already, so you don't need to add more. I really think this is in your best interests, to be honest.


If the dog dies, that will be on her conscience, not yours. You can only do so much.


If she really cared about her dog and getting back on her feet, she would be out trying to find a job to take the burden off of you, not drinking her life away in a bar.

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If it is not too late - since this dog is tiny, there are groups who WILL work with a tiny snappy dog. They are used to the fact that sometimes little dogs have bad experiences being terrorized by kids or having owners that treat them as purse dogs. there aer min pin rescues and similar breed rescues who have taken dogs like this and with some training/behavior assessment, have placed them in calm homes with adult owners/no kids and sometimes even a calmer dog. i have seen really nasty little poms go to rescues and when they settle in with someone who understands the breed, they don't end up being a kid friendly dog, but they do get a home with someone who 'gets' them. If its not too late, there IS a min pin breed rescue and if you explained to them that your friend is homeless and you can't take the dog, but are willing to donate towards its care or help them out in some way - like driving the dog to them, or helping out with other things then you may have a chance.


the pound isn't going to take that chance

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