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How Soon After Break Up Did Hook Ups Occur?

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after my ex left me after a 9 year r/s she was dating someone straight away....i suspect the person she left me for.


i had a brief rebound with a friend at about 3 months....that was just after she text me to say she was seeing this guy.....that lasted a few weeks and I decided to sort my life out.....


at 5 months I met a one night stand and after a few dates......i realised she was in a much worse state than me......


at 8 months i met someone and dated for 3 months.....at this stage it started to get serious....and then my ex text to say she wanted to talk, I phoned her and told her I wanted nothing at all to do with her......and it was that moment I realised I still loved her.......I broke up my 3 month dating and went back to sorting out my life.....


I have no plans to date....just sort my life out.....get my small business up n running and take care of my 2 year old lad.......and if someday I can finally have no feelings whatsoever for my ex of 9 years and the mother of my kid....only then shall I throw my heart to the wolves and try again!



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Steamy! My ex was the bore, I'd suggest new positions but she wanted to stick to the ol' faithful way. We'd try them then she'd find some excuse to not do it anymore. Does this define a 'bore', does this sound like your ex, purrbaby?



Yep pretty much... add in that he did not like foreplay or oral sex and that he only ever wanted to do it in a bed = MAJOR bore

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