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My 2nd rejection since the last one 2 months before. Moving on...

Jim Wormold

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Hi Nick, Angler and Thorshammer,


Wow, really appreciate your replies here. Yes, I agree with you all. NC is the way

to go, because the "missing you" possibility is all one can still aim for now. And also

because if I need anything, it's to move on.


Which leaves me somehow uncertain by your comment Nick. It seems as though you

would think that although I am in NC from now on, an very brief birthday email or text

at the end of November would be ok. Did I understand you correctly?


Thorshammer, you asked: " The second comment about expecting things to be different,

can you elaborate on that?"


Well, in my first chat with her - the playful and really nice one

- I mentioned that I would be bringing her things to her friend that evening. That clearly

through her off I could tell. The rejection text came soon after that call. Unfortunately I did

not follow up on what she meant by: "I don't know, somehow I was hoping for something different."

in relation to the return of her stuff. Seems nuts now that I think of the missed opportunity, I

clearly was not actively listening. She did however say it was a difficult time for her.


As you say, who knows what one can read into these things. She said she did really mean

it in the first break up talk, that she would like to try again sometime, but "no promises". Maybe

her hopes were that it would work out, but that her feelings hadnt changed towards me (in not

wanting me back). Perhaps that is all that was meant. A friend of mine told me that returning

her stuff is actually a contradiction in terms when I actually want her back and that this could

be taken as a signal by her that I am giving the wrong signals.


Whatever. Hard to know. And yes, I will stop thinking so much!

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