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Boarderline on wanting to end a friendship.


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A friend of mine that I've know since our freshman year of high school and she also introduced me to my bf as well. But, over the years that I've know her, she always had a bit of an attitude. Though over the past 6 months it's gotten really annoying. She acts like this miss know it all and a stuck up _____ and she always complain about every little thing. I know she follows her fiance around like no tomorrow and I can say they are acting like childern.


She is my only close friend but, I feel like I can't put up with her any longer. It wasn't as bad until she met her fiance almost 5 yrs ago. I had a previous job about 30 mins away from where I live, which I commuted there almost everyday. The drive was a pain but I can say at least I had a job to get a steady income. They lived about 15 mins away from us and she would always say things about the commute. I would always yeah it maybe a pain but I am working. Well, she ends up getting a job in the same city as me. We couldn't do a car pool thing because of our schedules at the time. So, my point is that she'll say one thing and then it changes to not being this huge deal. Also, thing's that my bf and I have gone to and done before her and her fiance have, they'll go and do it and think it's the coolest thing in the world. They'll make it seem like they were the one's that did first before my bf and I.


My bf and I taken a weekend off to go to Chico and invited my friend and her fiance (her fiance is really good friends with my bf). So, they went with us and she was in such a crabby mood the whole time. Her fiance seemed to be having a good time while we were there. It's almost to the point where I wouldn't want them to go with us again because of her attitudes. Another thing that just happened over the past week...I was given 3 pairs of capris by mom and 1 of them didn't fit. So, I offered to give them back to my mom but she told me to check with my friend and see if she wanted them. I txted her and told her about them and of course she wanted them. I then gave them to my bf to give to her fiance because they work together and I wasn't sure when the next time I would see her. I haven't heard anything or even a simple 'thank you.'


I almost don't want to be friends with her any longer. I know that probably doesn't sound to nice but I can't take the attitudes and the whole I am better then you thing any longer. I feel I can go make better respectful friends that my bf can get along with as well.


What you do with a situation like this? Any suggestions?

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I have a friend that has showed similar behavior since getting married.


I would say the next time she has an attitude or seems like shes ina bad mood, ask her "are you OKAY??" and say "you know you have been acting different lately, is everything ok with you?" she will

ask how and want examples Im sure-so be ready to tell her. Let her respond and if she says things are not ok, say maybe her and her guy are having problems and she isnt happy, then let her know youre there for her. If she blows it off and gives an attitude "yea Im just fine!?" then maybe she has just changed. And if you dont want to be around her so much, it's understandable. Dont feel guilty for cutting off a toxic relationship, if shes bringing you down more than bringing you up and your not happy around her, well you dont need that in your life you need to be surrounded by positive people. make new friends!

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I have asked her on occasion and she either just complain about things her fiance does or how he's nagging on her. Though before her fiance even got together, she 'miss attitude' and a follower basically. I honestly agree with what you said about being around positive people, which is what I am looking for. I don't need the toxic relationship w/ her. It's really sad cuz my bf see's all this stuff that I've mentioned. He doesn't care for her all that much either. I don't know where start on finding places to meet people around the area I live. I am wanting not only the positive people to hang out with but to bring my bf along as well.

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