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why cant exs just disappear like we want them too!!

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well, long story short, 6 months ago my ex left me for someone else.


past few weeks she thinks she can just be my friend, i tell her where to go, (politely) lol, and now she calls or texts asking me stupid questions, that she can find out on google. this is happening everyday! she has talked about our past and about me loving single life, and she got upset at that??! and calls me her friend, i told her shes not my friend and she got upset at that!! :s i have told her loads of times, we will never be friends, and to leave me alone... she cant get this.. my question is, is she just trying to see how much i still care for her? as she said i wouldnt have answered if i didnt care etc ... which yeah shes probably correct, i just cant stop loving someone that easily!



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she in one way is trying to see if your emotions are just a wall.. waiting for you to cave and tell her that you still want her.. and in another way she probably just trying to be friends... its a power thing. She wants to control your emotions. Like the others said, I will repeat, Stop answering.

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