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My daughter's birthday party is coming up and I've had some reservations about inviting this friend. First off, this is someone I consider a good friend. But before I go on, let me just mention a couple of things. Last month, her kid had a birthday party. And it was scheduled on a Friday in the early evening. I had to work that day and I actually had to take time off to leave work early, so I can pick up my daughter and get to this party. Not to mention, the party location was close to my work place which actually had me driving back and forth from work and back to this birthday party.


Fast forward to now. I mentioned to my friend that my daughter's birthday party was coming up. And she asked what I was planning. I told her we were having a bowling party. And her response was, "Well, don't invite us, we suck at bowling." For those of you out there, how would you respond to this? Would you just blow it off as a silly comment or would you be hurt by it? After she made that comment, her friend who was sitting next to us actually had to say, "Well, it's a kids party, and anyways, they'll have those ramps for them and rails for the gutters, so they can still bowl. No one has to be good necessarily." My friend didn't really respond, but it seemed her friend was trying to backtrack for my friend's comment. I don't recall if we kept talking about this. I think I ended up changing the subject. But now, I don't know what to do. I've already sent out the invitations and haven't given her one. But I still feel I should since she's still my friend and I was invited to her kid's party. Any thoughts on how I should handle this? Thanks so much.

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Yup - agreed. I think that you should send the invite and leave it up to her whether she wants to attend. Sometimes people are just in a foul mood or they say things without thinking. I suffer from foot-in-mouth sometimes too.


Invite and forget. Let HER worry about what to do.

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I would really think that this was meant to be a joke. Invite her anyway, if they can't come, or decline, I highly doubt they would be mad at you for inviting them.

When I have a party or gathering, I always make a point to invite people who are close even if I am 99% sure they won't be able to make it, because having to turn down an invitation doesn't hurt nearly as bad as being left off the list.

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