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getting back with an ex?


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my ex and I didnt have a long relationship we realized we jumped into it to fast and stayed friends for a while, well between that time he found another girl and in his words, she broke his heart by cheating on him. we have hooked up a few times since we broke it off ( he says he feels there is a connection between us bc he was my "first") well, we recently had a pregnancy scare (luckily im not pregnant) but he was there for me the entire time and said if there is anything i need to let him know, he wasnt all for the kid thing but things like that happen and he would take care of it if it turned out i was pregnant. which he could have been like no we were done so im not apart of it but he wasnt, he was there since i told him i thought i could have been pregnant (and yes we did use protection), anyway, before the whole pregnancy scare and hanging out more, he said he wasnt interested in dating me but in the beginning he was. to me it feels like we got closer because of the pregnancy scare since he was there for me since day 1 rather than being one of the * * * * * * * type of guys through the whole thing that turned out to be nothing. we are both relieved there is no kid but is it possible that he has feelings for me even though for a while it was just a sexual relationship? a few weeks ago he even asked me if i wanted to go to his buddies house with him to play poker with them but i said i had no clue what i was doing in poker lol, so i didnt end up going but we do hang out other than sex. any chance he could feel the same way i do that we have gotten closer? should i tell i feel like i am getting feelings for him even though he doesnt know what he wants right now, or let it go and see what happens the more we hang out?

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