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To soon to jump ship?


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Hello everyone,


Currently I am workin at a very busy level 1 trauma hospital as a Rad Tech I take the x rays. I have been there for 6 months and I really do not like my job, I feel like it is mostly due to the place I work. The pay isn't great, the supervisors are always on you, doctors are always talking down to you. I currently am in the process of training for MRI on my own time at the community college.


However, my girlfriends stepdad works construction and is a foreman. He makes great money. He said there was a spot open and I was interested he said he doesnt want me to quit my job right away, he wants me to come and work with him on days off and see how I like it. The pay is prevailing rate which means it changes from job to job. But usually is between 25-30 dollars an hour. The bad part is no benefits and no retirement plan. I really dread going to work everyday I feel unhappy there and want out.


I feel like I can get out and make good money at this job, with potential to move up to other rankings like an operator and make around $38 an hour. Which I feel is great money. I just feel uncertainty due to the chance of being laid off due to weather or lack of work. Also, no benefits worrys me some.


But a perk would be four ten hour days and no holidays


Anyways any thoughts? Anyone go through something similar?



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Wow, I'd jump at a chance to try out a new job before quitting the old one. That way, you can see if you really like it, instead of thinking "the grass is greener" and you find out it isn't. Take the time to see if you'd like the new job. And if you so, start saving at the same time you start working (for that retirement). Also, get some private medical benefits...it's much cheaper when you're younger!


It's a win-win situation. Your stepdad-in-law is a good guy.

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Its a great oppurtunity and I am going to check it out for sure. I am just hesitant because im afraid theres a chance of being laid off. I also feel bad because i went to school for this and Im switching jobs. But I feel unhappy in my current position.

I appreciate the response! Anyone else have some insight?

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