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road bumps towards breaking into a group


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So I'm currently trying to break into a new group of friends. This weekend I wanted to hang out with them at some point, so I asked one of them (the "ringleader") what their plans were and that another mutual friend and I wanted to hang out. She responded with a smiley face that she was finalizing plans and that she wanted us to be a part of them. Well, never heard back from her and the same mutual friend I had mentioned in my message hung out with them this weekend as I can see on Facebook. I'm still new to the group, and they've all been friends for a while, so I can't expect invites for everything...but still. I'm a bit frustrated. The friend I messaged even wrote on my wall that she wanted to hang out soon (that was before all this, about a week ago). So I don't get it. I'm suspicious. Maybe they are just flaky. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. I don't have any concrete reason to think that they don't like me, but I'm all paranoid now.


So I don't really want to give up, but I don't want to seem like I'm pestering them either. I have already hit up a couple of them once to hang out which went well, but I'm wondering if I should just wait on them for an invite or hit them up one more time. I feel like if I want to make friends with these people it's my responsibility to initiate, which is fine, I just am a bit confused as to where the line is between being "too much".

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Instead of waiting on her to invite you to somewhere, why dont you make a plan and invite them? the key of breaking into a group is to make everyone in the said group comfortable, so organize something fun and invite them instead.

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