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what should i do advice please

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well me and this girl have been broken for 8 months i went no contact for a few months

then i sent her a text saying i missed her.my mistake i know. that was back in august she replied we started to catch up over text.

a couple days later i sent her a message saying she is still the most beautiful girl inside and out. she replied im sorry you still hurt with our connection

we could have the most beautiful friendship. so a few days later i replied this is my attempted at being friends. since then she texts me about once a week catching up sharing things we used to enjoy together. telling me she had to put down her cat which i was close to. but now i dont know what to do

she has moved on life. i guess why im trying to be friends with her is away to reconcile and one day get back together. you have to start somewhere.

anyways its really playing with my emotions.


im want to go NC again how do i go about it? i guess im also worried if i do then i will loose my chance on getting back together.

i just love the damn girl so much.

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If she was the one that broke up with you, and she seems like she has moved on, then believe me, you aren't going to miss out on any chances on getting back together by going NC. If she wants to get back together she will find a way to get in touch and make her intentions known.


So... how to go about going back to NC. Just tell her. She already knows you arent at the same place she is, so let her know that you need more time before you attempt to be friends. I think its as simple as that. Dont worry about hurting her, just worry about doing waht you need to make yourself feel better.

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thank every one for there advice im still NC its been a week. i have been thinking a lot about things and how they were things that i forgot.

i guess in a way it was never meant to be i think she only loved me as a friend.she was with her previous boy friend for 3 years he broke her heart. she was only with me for a year and a half. she broke my heart twice the second time round was just a waste of time. i need to focus on those thoughts so that i don't keep hanging on.

i also realized why i have been hanging on also is that im lonely i have been in this city for almost 2 years now. i dont know many girls theirs one i feel something could start but im not sure tho.

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  • 2 weeks later...

3 weeks going strong i have no temptation to contact her. im feeling better about things exercising heaps getting new jobs. writing lots of music

the one regret tho is that after i sent her the NC message i said i f you ever want o reconcile give me a call argh damn sounded so needy . but meh

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last night hung out with some mates i left my exes stuff at my old place were one of these friends moved in. they said she was going to hang out with them on sunday but never showed up. then later in the night my friend goes i just got a really long message from my ex. then they start covering up changing the name and being really suspicious.i know i shouldn't care but i hate when people hide things from me.

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