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I want my ex back, but i dont know how to go about it!


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Me and my ex were together for a year and three months when we broke up, he had moved away and we were hardly seeing eachother and when it came to talking on the phone it seemed like all we really did was argue. To be honest I felt like I was too young and wanted to be free and single. This was in Febuary and we kept some contact for a while, seeing eachother occasionally but around June we stopped talking completely. I recently started university, the reason I wanted to be single, but have felt like all I ever do is think about my ex. Meeting new friends and talking about him made me realise how much I missed him. Then a couple of days ago I got a phone call telling me he had been stabbed. My heart sunk and I was so scared something terrible would happen and he would never know how I still felt, I text him and since that have been texting all day for two days, I was going to see him in hospital but he needed to have surgery so was too late, but am on to go and see him tomorrow or the next day. I cant stop thinking about him and have a sick feeling in my stomach, to make it worse I have found out he is seeing someone I know, nothing serious but the thought of anyone else looking after him makes me feel heartbroken. I have realised how much I care about him and I cant wait to see him, we have been talking about the old times and I realised there was a lot.


Now heres my dilemma, I want to see and speak to him all the time, and have been thinking about what it would be like if we were to get back together. I want him back but I dont know how to go about it? How do I know if he feels the same? Its a hard time because of the situation but I feel like it has shown me the light and proved how much he means to me. Please if anyone could help me it would be much appriciated!!

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You can ask him and get your answer, but he is seeing someone else so isn't that kind of your answer right there? He's moving on with his life, as you should be. If you think you can be a friend to him without stepping in on his new relationship then go ahead, otherwise I think you should keep your distance and focus on yourself, rather than getting him back.

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he is seeing someone so she will go into the hospital to be with him. can you imagine you turning up, with her there....is that fair on THEM?


text him your regards, but dont go about this like a bull in a china shop. you wanted to be free and single....you got it...


now you have to respect and accept the fact he is with someone else and she comes first, not your sudeen realisations that you love him.

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They arent that serious, what I mean by seeing is talking, I dont think theyve even gone out? And she hasnt gone to see him. I went to see him yesterday as he was at home and it was nice , like old times and now we've been texting and have said we are going to see each other again very soon. However I havent said anything about the other girl because i didnt want to ruin it?

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