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cant get it out of my head!

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right i cant sleep, been tossing and turning.. on and off the laptop.. trying to get him out of my head..

i do have alot of trouble sleeping lately..


ever since i spoke to my ex a few days ago.. ( it was a one off)

a few things were said like..


he said 'im not over you' 'i want you in my life, but you cant be

he also said he wont finish his new gf, i did ask if he was happy and he said he wont answer that question.. its not really that thats bothering me..


whats bothering me most is he said 'you will never get over me charl'

that wont get out my head.. im thinking will i? will i ever get over him? , because all i ever do is think about him.. even if it is that i miss him, or that i hate him, or even think i love him or that i dont ( im going through mixed emoctions stage).. i always come back to.. will i? and when?! i think about him everyday, sometimes in that day i realise i havent thought about him, and then i start to.. i just cant stop replaying over and over what he said in my head..

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You will.


Funnily enough, you'll find someone better after a few weeks or months and you'll look back and realize just how arrogant he was. Right now, he has the power, you need to take the power back by ending all communication and working on yourself. Leave with dignity. If he is legitimate about his words of reconciliation, he would dump the new girl; clearly he isn't and right now all he's doing is playing you like a violin.


Let him lose you. You only have your self-respect to gain.

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Take my advice and you will be fine. If you choose NOT to accept my advice then you will live in torture.


Break off contact. No contact whatsoever. Ignore his messages and delete him off all social media platforms.


Move on. Accept it. If he really wants you back during the NC period he will do what ever is in his power to get you back. Other than that NC will help you heal.


You WILL be just fine in the future. Time heals everything.

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Hi, Charliebaby. I totally know how you feel. For about a year I had an online affair with this particular guy. My husband's lack of attention and affection had contributed to me making this mistake, and as I ended my "relationship" with that particular guy and recommitted myself to my marriage, he said, "Oh, sure, your husband is paying attention to you now, because he thought he was going to lose you. Once some time goes by, he'll go right back to his old ways of ignoring you."


For a while after our "split," as I tried to get my marriage back into shape, those words kept ringing in my ears again and again every time my husband and I had problems. It was really infuriating, I mean the exact words were there in my head--"Oh sure, he's paying attention to you now, because he thought he was going to lose you. Once some time goes by, he'll go right back to his old ways."


That guy was wrong. He didn't want to lose me, he was only saying what he said in an attempt to change my mind, not because logic and facts supported his statement. This guy you are talking about is WRONG. He is only trying to preserve his spot in your mind, in your heart. In fact, his statement defies all logic and reasoning.


I think you should stop talking to this guy, but if he says stuff like this again, just tell him to stop thinking wishfully, or to stop projecting his own hangups on you. It'll probably drive him crazy, and if that's how you respond each time he makes an egotistical statement like this, he'll most likely stop.

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