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Survey: How many loves have you had and how long did the relationship last?


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I've been in 3 relationships. The first, I thought I loved and we broke up a lot so I don't know how long but from beginning til end, it was approx 2 years. I didn't love him. The second guy was more of a rebound and it lasted maybe 3 months. My current is about a year, but we also break up a lot... I'm not sure if I love him either. D;

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First one when I was 17-18 (About a year) and it ended when we went to college. Was expected.


Second one while in college for two years...it ended something like this:


image removed


Third one was about a year after college for two years.. Ended somthing like this:


image removed


Last one ended about a year ago and it ended something like this:


image removed

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First one - High School - about 18 months from 16-17. Fizzled and burned out more than anything.

Second one - High School through age 22 (about 5 yrs on and off, one breakup after a year, then back together for the remainder) - probably the guy I felt the most intense up and downs with - hot/cold relationship.

Third - 15+ years, married him after 2 years or so.

Fourth (current) - most stable relationship ever, and most content I've ever been in my life (7 years and counting)

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I've loved 2 people ..


Turning 28 soon.


My first love & first heartbreak.. I was 15 & it lasted a year and a half..


I had several other relationships in between until I met my SO. I would say I was more infatuated by them, rather than actually being in love with them. Some last a few months, some lasted years.


My current partner is my second love, and hopefully my last love. We've been together for 3-1/2 years, and I can't imagine spending my life without him. Considering I'm much older now, the love I have for him is completely different than the love I felt for my ex. I'm much more aware of what it is that I want, and I'm also a lot more mature than I was over a decade ago.


Everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't change a thing about my past, otherwise I wouldn't have found someone so suitable for me.

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LOL @ LDRohnos


I came out at 32 and quickly got into a relationship that lasted two years. He was really the only guy I really fell for hard and it tore me up pretty bad when it ended. Two years or so later got into kind of a rebound relationship that also lasted about two years. We got along pretty good, and the relationship was functional on most levels, but I wasn't really in love with him. It ended amicably, he moved to another city but we still chat every once in a while.


Right now I am in a relationship, we've lived together for 3 years now. He is a bit older than me, we're really in sync with a lot of things, he has turned my house into a home and I am really grateful for that. Am I in love with him? It certainly isn't anything like my first relationship but I care deeply for him.

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