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Would this mean a guy has feelings for you? Please replyy;)


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if a guy smiles at you alot for no reason, makes stupid funny remarks on purpose in a flirty way... and tells your friend, he thinks your pretty, he likes you, wants to know if youve got a phone, were you live, and wants a long distance relationship?

Also he remembers you from 4 months ago when he only saw you and hadnt even talked to you...

IF i guy said all that and the guy was extremely handsome...... he looked alot or even exactly like this guy... search this name in google... Zayn malik, please search the name because then you would get my dilemma


A guy looking like that would probably get alot of girls.....

If he said all that about you, Would it mean he really liked you because if he was going to use you, he wouldnt ask for a long distance relationship and we live like 5 hours away, so does that mean he would have true feelings for me and not just wanting to have a relationship with me for the sake of it or for sex.


And im not as goodlooking as him, i actually think im kinda ugly, i dnt think im pretty at all... so why would he go for me.


So would these be the signs of a guy dat really has feelings for you.



Pleassee replyy....

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It would say to me he's attracted.


It really doesn't say anything about the depth of the attraction. LDRs are difficult at the best of times - if he wants to contact you, by all means - but I'd take my time getting to know him a bit better, having a lot of talks and discussions, before considering actually being in a relationship with him, regardless of his looks.

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Holy crap, that Zayn Malik guy kinda looks like me a couple of years ago.................... so weird. He has a way more boyish look though.


Anyhow a guy like that could get a lot of girls, but probably chooses not to. That's how I am. I could, but I won't.

I'd say he's attracted to you as well. Can't speak for anything beyond that.

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