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Mother possibly tries to publicly project herself as a victim in public?

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I need some insight to this. My ex is a very manipulative person. I am a great loving father to our child and I was also loving to her. She left me (and our child to a degree) for the party/single life. She has had shown very selfish actions long before we broke up but she has that lifestyle she wanted (party/clubbing/random dating, etc). I am still working on getting my career set while raising our child. I would think she would treat me with respect for being so loving and caring not only to our child but at one point to her as well. When we broke up, she now acts out her selfishness every moment when we discuss anything. I have brought up many topics in regards to compromise between us or our son but she will only want her way. If I don't, she acts out something like calling the police on me falsely, which she has done 3x in 1.5 years. Luckily, the police didn't buy into her accusations. To get back.... I wanted to bring up something that was kinda brought to my attention...


I have never ever once physically harmed or threatened my ex in any way but now when we do our court ordered exchanges, my ex parks her car far far away from me for some strange reason. I am only questioning it because a neighbor once saw it and asked "did you beat the crap out of her for her to keep her distance from you or something?" I did question her in regards to it but I never got a response. I have been taken pictures of this because honestly, I feel humiliated seeing people think of me in this manner. I am not a violent person (nothing close to it) so this goes far enough to make me depressed.....


The only thing I have done is confront her over email and text in regards to childish things she has done SINCE the breakup and things she has done to this very day. I am just sad that one day next year I will get the chance to present all the evidence I have to a judge to show her manipulative nature but it will hurt because I still want her to live positively. My only possible explanation is that my ex might have believed that I would let her party her life out and I would be waiting for her and because I am not... she is trying to cause me problems???


So basically, if i can get some advice regarding how my ex parks her car so far away (and keeps her distance as if I am some kind of threat) and the overall situation of why she might be doing this....


thank you for helping me out.....

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I wouldn't worry about this to much. You can't control her action you can only control your response to her action. So if she chooses to park far away for whatever reason that her choice. If people ask about how she interacts with you simple say, "I'm not sure why she does X,Y, Z. I've asked her but she didn't give me an answer."


Keep being a good dad, it sounds like you are doing a great job so keep it up. Only contact your ex for things relating to your child. If you ever find out that she is telling people lies about you (e.g, saying you hit her), contact your lawyer. Keep records of everything, you could even video tape the exchanges (you would have to let her know you are doing this for legal reasons) for further evidence.


Just keep your cool and let her keep acting foolish. Whey you get in front of a judge it will pay off.

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