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Show me the love.


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Telling someone you love them is nice. You can tell them all day and night, and it makes you smile. SHOWING someone you love them...is. what. counts.


Express it.


*Show them that you're proud to have them.

*Show others that your proud to have them.

*Listen to them even if its boring.

*Confide in them even if you feel silly

*Recognize the little things that make them happy.

*Hold their hand in public.

*Kiss their forehead.

*Respect their opinions.



This list seems to go on. And its almost sounds like I'm typing an instruction manual...but really...this stuff should just come naturally. You do this stuff without even thinking about it. That is...when you LOVE someone.


Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic...with silly fantasies...

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Words are essentially meaningless, actions are the only true way to know someone's real intentions. I understand this is not the point of this thread, but how many times have people on here asked "I think my bf/gf is lying to me, but they always tell me that they love me, so it must all be in my head, right?" or "My bf/gf is always talking to their ex, but they say they're in love with me even though it seems they're closer to their ex than me"

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My late bf NEVER said "I love you" to me and I said it about 3 times in the 12 years we were together. But we constantly SHOWED each other how we felt. I never missed the words at all!


Case in point. It's easy to look someone in the eyes and say "I love you," but do you actually mean them? Can you bring yourself to actually show it? Ever seen the show Cheaters? How many conversations between someone and their SO/cheating partner end with "love you babe" and then they go sleep with someone else? Words cost nothing and can be said without any emotional attachment to them.

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