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Sugar Craving

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Think of them like carriers of sorts...LDL are low density, which can "drop" some fat in your arteries etc.


lol best analogy ever! So true though.


In general, yes the spike in blood sugar isn't healthy and should be maintained with healthy foods split into five or more portioned meals. But it's necessary right after a workout or any physical activities to stop the body from being in catabolic state.


Unless there's a health condition or you're actually trying to cut for physique purpose most people aren't advised to go on any low-carb diet. For the most part it's usually extreme and people are only trying to cut calories for weight 'number' purposes while completely ignoring the nutritional value the body needs and start to negatively affect their health. There really is no balance and your body is about the balance much like mother nature. It's far better to stick with a balanced meal than trying to cut carbs just because some fad diet or infomercial product based on some 'research' tells it's SO BAD to eat this or that.

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Agreed with all of this. Think of the Atkins diet, which is my most hated diet. You're basically starving your body of tons of nutrients. Yes, you lose weight. But, you also lose hair, get sick, immune system goes down the poop shoot, and you have no energy. People will always look for a quick fix. There is no such thing!!

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