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Need Ideas on Taunting A Man


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I have decided that in this new relationship that's starting, I'm going to completely take charge. I know my new man likes the idea of a woman being "in charge" sexually - he's a pleaser. (Good man!)


So, part of it will include my taunting him sexually - not always wearing panties under my dresses, sometimes surprising him with a Brazilian wax (I usually have a mid-sized strip of hair there, but a couple of times a year - like Christmas, his birthday, July 4 I'll suddenly be bald down there, casually taking a moment to touch myself under my dress (sans panties) in movie theaters, while he's working/watching soccer/reading to me, but not letting him touch me or saying I'm not interested in sex/not horny when he offers.


Now I need more ideas on how to casually or overtly tease him.


He's into shoes (my dream guy!), lingerie, doesn't particularly enjoy receiving oral (but loves to give). We had sex for the first time the other night and it was a little too gentle for my tastes, but the man has staying power.

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I think he just might be a bit kinky. The shoes sort of planted a seed in my mind, but I blew it off. Then I texted to say I was going to the "whip store" to get something for my Halloween costume and his response was "pictures please - I'll help you pick it out". I'll try introducing something light and see how it goes. Your insight sort of confirmed that my feeling about it is most likely spot on.



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If either of your vehicles has tinted windows, how about public sex? Park down at the store, or at the mall in an area of the parking lot with a bunch of foot traffic, trust me it wild. Don't get the car rocking too hard.


Completely open the front of his pants in the booth of a restaurant and fondle him (table cloth a must).


Dressing rooms at clothing stores.


Don't wear panties and visit a used book store, usually have quiet places.


One night my lover and I stopped at a rest stop along interstate five and he me face down over the hood of the car, while six lanes of traffic went by only thirty feet away. The eighteen wheelers keep blowing their air horns as they passed.


Have fun.

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