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Skeptical about job interview

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So here's the situation:


I saw a local job opportunity two weeks ago and applied for the job. It's with a local medical software company owned by doctors. The company appears to be legit, but extremely small. I was called within an hour of applying, but due to phone issues I missed the call. I spoke to the guy, who handles HR for the company, the following Tuesday. He then set up a technical interview with a tech guy this past Monday. Both were done over the phone. Both the HR guy and tech guy sounded impressed with my answers (which is weird because I am normally a terrible interviewee) and informed me that I was in the top four candidates and that they were looking to hire right away. The tech guy said I would be hearing from them as far as what they were doing next.


I was contacted just a few hours after that tech interview by the original HR guy and was asked when I could come in for a face to face meeting. I let him know that Friday (tomorrow) would work and so we have agreed to a 1pm meeting.


Because I live not too far away from the office, I decided to check it out. It is in a nice area, but the office is pretty much unmarked--no sign out front. I am guessing perhaps this is because the office is not there to serve customers (they are served either over the phone, through email, or by coming to their office). From what I understand, the company actually has two offices--one here and one in an area an hour or so from here, and it appears that the HR guy works out of the latter office.


Anyway, I am relatively new to the interviewing process (fresh out of college and all that) and I have never had an interview experience like this. The idea of two phone interviews followed by a face to face meeting is foreign for me, although I'm guessing maybe they do it that way because otherwise the HR guy would have to make two trips to this area and it's just easier to interview over the phone?


I guess my question is, would you be skeptical about things given this situation? I am going to the interview tomorrow but I have no expectations at this point.

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Thanks guys. I went to the interview today. It lasted roughly one hour and the interviewers joked around with me and didn't try to cut the interview short. They asked the basic questions and typically asked follow up questions for some of my answers. At the end of the interview, they had me fill out a application for employment form (with SSN) and told me they would be calling within a couple of days. They also said they are looking to get someone in there ASAP. Good or bad signs?

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