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My girlfriend and I broke up a week ago today, and she told me it was because she felt smothered by me and the way I had been acting for the past few weeks.. She lives 3 and a half hours away and I just started to worry and try too hard to communicate with her. I started getting angry at the situation and it made her unhappy.. We didn't start out in a long distance relationship, we were together for the first two months of it and then she moved away for school (which she had already planned on doing before she got involved with me).. We were literally best friends for years before we got together and she told me I was the love of her life and she was so happy to finally be mine. We were closer with each other than we have ever been with any one else.. so when things started to go badly I overreacted and tried too hard eventually making her feel smothered...


Can this be recovered from? I don't know how to handle the situation and make her realize that I can change those things and that it shouldnt be a reason to throw everything away


Our mutual friend has told me that she recently said she was "getting over it. I think he thinks I don't care but I'm just trying to distance myself"


any input would be appreciated

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