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I am really hoping that someone can shed light on this situation. I am too involved to be able to think about this problem with a level head. In a nut shell: The biggest love of my life broke it off after a few years of dating (we were very good together and it came as a shock to me), we were young, I was 22 and he was 24 at the time, many years after break up he got engaged to this awful women, and after a messy break up he got back in touch with me and claims that he is sorry for the pain he has caused. He has kept up phone contact for almost 6 months (we don't have friends in common anymore, live in different states now- he moved home to TN after break-up) and always makes plans to see me. I don't initiate contact. Is this just friendship? Does he want another chance? If he does want another chance at a relationship, why doesn't he say anything? I told him recently that I want to talk to him about our past etc. and he immediately made plans to meet and is very open to having that conversation. So we will be seeing each other during Thanksgiving. I too am getting over a bad divorce and feeling a bit vulnerble. Is this chance at romance part 2, or just a friend?

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