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Left me again, now for a girl he only saw 2 times.


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Hello guys,


The last time I wrote here was about a year ago.


So basically my ex and I got back together after two months apart, he broke up with me the last time because he felt unsure of his feelings towards me, he felt I deserved more and so on. Two months later he regretted what he did and asked me to come back. I accepted, but demanded that he would work on his issues and also to promise me that he wouldn't leave me again for some stupid, little reason. He guaranteed me he was going to work out his issues and fight for me. I have to mention that one of the reasons we broke up the first time was that I was depressed, didn't want to go out, etc. But now, I'm doing therapy and I'm way better: I go out with his friends, I talk about what bothers me, and so on, so I evolved a lot, and now, I think he didn't.


This last year has been wonderful, we've never been so good together, despite a moment where I felt insecure about another guy. My ex suffered a lot, but I chose him over that guy, because I wanted to fight for our relationship, because deep down I knew that he was the man I wanted to spend my whole life with. We got over that problem and our bonds got even stronger. In September we went to Paris and all and, one month later, this friday, he rings at my doorbell, asks me to come down and tells me that he's been thinking about another girl for the last 2 weeks. He told me that he felt he was cheating on me, because he couldn't stop thinking about her. I honestly think he's making a big deal about it, I guess it's normal to look to other people and even flirt. After that, I only told him to be happy and we broke it off. He told me, sobbing, to not wait for him, just like he said the last time we broke up. But this time I won't.


I feel sad that he just threw everything away for feeling attracted to a girl he only saw twice, I think there are way worse reasons to dump someone. I mean, we were great before those 2 weeks, I mean what gives? Bipolar much? I feel so frustrated and stupid for trusting him.


Any opinions are appreciated, thank you!

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Maybe he just isn't at the same page in his life as you are? Maybe he just isn't ready to be so settled in a long term relationship?


I mean a relationship can seem really great on your end but if your expectations are different from his at the end of the day it doesn't work or last.


I know you are hurting to see him just toss you asside. He regretted it once would he do so again? Maybe but I hope you gained enough strength to know that taking someone back in 2 months doesn't really fix what is broken in a relationship.


Kudos for you for following through on therapy for yourself.


At the end of the day the only person you can control is yourself.



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