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Why can't I get the point and move on ?

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So here is my story my ex who I still love and want to talk to got mad at me cuz I deleted him off of facebook. Because last week he was being a total jerk and showed singhs that I should move on. So i figured the best way to heal is to get him out my life. Recently on Saturday he said that he was sorry and knew that he has been a ass to me and really wants to talk now. So I told him okay yeah . Since then we were starting to talk agian and planned to hang out some time this week. When he found out I deleted him off my face book and got mad . And now I just left wondering why would he be mad if he has hurt me by not caring or showing that he cared about me after he broke it off. So I sent him a message on Facebook saying I still cared about him a lot and that I was sorry I deleted him. I think I made a mistake sending that? I sound desperate and really didn't want to sound that way now I feel hurt and dumb because what if he just rejects me and thinks I am anoying ? What should I do ?need help.

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