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First rut situation


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Ive been dating my boyfriend about 10 months and I think we are hitting our first little rut.


I live at home with my parents still and most of our relationship I have been at his place in the city. It was nice cause we had our own alone time and were never bothered. A couple weeks ago he moved home with his parents due to some roommate issues he had when he lived in the city. I have been fully supportive of this move since he roommates were heavy into drugs and totally disrespectful to my boyfriend and I.


Now that he lives at home though we haven't had nearly any alone time in about 2-3 weeks. It's totally bumming me out and I think it's bumming him out as well.

We have a couple opportunities to be alone coming up so I hope that gets us out of this rut but is this normal to feel down about? And is it normal to hit a small rut even though we have only been together 10 months?

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It's normal - it's very hard to feel as relaxed and uninhibited when you're used to being alone, and all of a sudden, know you can get a knock-knock at any time, and not just for sex. See about saving up and taking advantage of a coupon for a weekend away maybe, just the two of you!

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