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Now she won't even respond to my messages, how to close this down?


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Hi Guys

I met this girl online a few months ago, took us a looong time to actually meet, she always said she's only looking for a friend and she's super busy and not able to date right now.

We finally met and hit it off real fast, she would always hold my hands and get all touchy and kissy. One night we were at her room, I was helping her pack to move, and we start making out, we almost had sex but i didn't have condoms on me so I decided not to.

She was always kinda weird when it comes to talking and texting, but usually replies and says sorry I was busy or whatever. Last sunday I texted her if she wanted to go out this weekend for dinner...no answer. Tuesday I sent her a fb message, asking if she received my text, no answer. She is still updating her fb statuses though...I am pretty sure this means she doesnt wanna talk anymore. It kinda sucks but it is what it is. Now my question is, I kinda feel like getting some sort of closure (I know we didn't even date but I told her I like her)

Should I send her a long text saying what I wanna say? Delete her off fb? (I want to because it really hurts me knowing she's always out there and she saw my message and ignored it), what is the best action to take now?


Thanks for ur help

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Your best action is to do nothing. Anything you say to her will fall on deaf ears, and will make her feel more convinced she did the right thing in ignoring you.


I know it's hard, but your silence will speak louder than anything you could possibly write.


Lesson learned though, I hope. When someone says they are only looking for friends, and not looking to date - LISTEN.

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