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just looking for some thoughts about my situation


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well ill give you the long and the short of it....ME and my GF 8 year relationship we were the first together with everything... we broke up a couple times in those 8 years..but we always found ourselves back together.. this time has been the longest break 4 months now... she has found a new guy and is currently dating him..We had no contact for a while until she contacted me to just mention something trivial and that was about 2 months ago..then it was no contact....I then contacted her for the same and we began talking for about an hour via text but nothing about us....I tried getting back together twice and she insisted no chance...I told her that there no chance of us being friends and i asked her to not contact me.....then it was no contact then she asked me to do something for her(talk to her class for veterans day) i agreed....We had sporadic contact within he past 2 weeks and we end up talking about whats been going on in our lives..she never mentioned the new guy yet to me... I want her back and i dunno what to do... Why is she contacting me when i told her not too? She knows i want to be with her... is she missing me? is she trying to play a friend card which i told her we can't be friends? Im confused and i can't keep talking to her I'm not moving on.. but i enjoy talking to her again and i miss her dearly...Her talking to me is giving me some hope is it false sense of hope?...what does any1 suggest.

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