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Where to give the benefit of the doubt? What to do..


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A guy I met back in april and I started talking and clicked instantly. We really liked eachother, went out on dates, over eachothers houses, to parties, everywhere. He called me his girlfriend and I called him my boyfriend, although this was stupid because we never had a conversation or agreement on this! From april until the next few months, another girl began to try to interfere at our school (she is known for this) and well, she did. I always was suspicious, but he denied it and said nothing would ruin us. Overtime I found out they had hooked up a few times, text eachother, little things like that. I was furious, not for the fact he actually did that, but for lying. We cut off all contact and never spoke again. I have never expressed myself or stood up for myself like I did to him.


The end of september came around and he contacted me. We spoke and were civil and met up to catch up, although he knew I wanted nothing to do with him, as he hurt me so bad. Since then weve kept in contact here or there, mostly on his efforts. He recently explained to me how sorry he really is and how much he wants an opportunity to gain my trust back and to be a part of eachothers lives again one day. I ended up in the hospital for a few days and he visited me. Then it was my birthday, and showed up at my house with a gift and nice card. He really wants to prove to me the person he is deep down, and where ever that person went, he wants to bring him back.


I am so confused. We love eachother and I know he is a good person. The mistake was a hard one for me to deal with, as I already have a problem trusting people.


Any questions, or advice would be great! Thank you all

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