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endometrial ablation for cramps?

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Has anybody had or know anyone who has had this procedure done? The idea is they go in and destroy the lining of your uterus. I have been having severe menstrual cramps since i was in high school and I just can't do it anymore. This last month was so bad, i'm on a mission to find a fix now. I've been trying homeopathy and its not working. I feel uncomfortable taking heavy painkillers and hormones. And I've thought about the copper IUD but I don't think i want a foreign thing in my body either. I'm only 26 but I really don't ever want kids, so I don't care that this procedure would make me infertile. I'm just not sure of the success rate of the procedure and any risks.

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I haven't had it done, but it's something that's one of the common procedures to help with the issue I'm experiencing, so I've looked into it a little bit. (I have fibroids and myorraghia.)


One warning they do give is it's generally not as successful the first time on younger women - have you been checked to see if you have ovarian cysts or other things that could cause your excessive cramps? It's also more commonly used to control excessive bleeding, as opposed to cramping; menstruation continues in about half of women who have the procedure - just reduced. And the younger (pre-menopause) you are, the more likely to continue to have periods.


If you haven't had a complete gynecology check recently - I'd go there first. See if they can find an underlying cause for the cramping that would have a more direct solution.

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Gosh, 26 is soooo young to make the decision about not having children. Permanently. So much can change in your life, that you really may live to regret it.


I've had severe cramping for many years. The type that leave me bedridden and dosed on vicodin (though I rather like that part - lol).


If it were me, I'd take the pain meds over permanently rendering myself infertile. That's a huge step, and irreversible.

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