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How do I tell a guy I like him (complicated scenario)


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Hello fellow enotalonians!


My Situation is:


I met this guy through my girl friend bit over a year ago now. This particular girl friend and guy started dating round this time last year, and she fell pregnant with him. Now during the course of this year, they have been on and off together, and finally broke it off (but still remain contact due to the baby).


August came around, and it was my birthday - woo 21 XD

I went out shopping and massage with this girl friend - not knowing that they broke up, possibly 2-3 weeks ago. I talked to the guy that night he told me that he broke it off with the girl a while ago, and he invited me to his place to catch up and celebrate.


Well it was quite late, so he offered for me to stay at his place that night so i said yes... and I slept with him.


We both didnt reget it, though we told each other not to tell the girl..


We have been texting to each other pretty much every day or so since then



>>Last month she had the baby..



& I got to see the baby. No awkwardness between the guy and me... though he brings up little jokes about our night (when she isnt around of course)

Due to her family situation, she currently has no where to go.. So they both live with his parents... but in separate rooms



.. It's kind of flirting between us (sometimes through text: he's asked for a "sexy" picture blah blah blah).. but if she is around, we keep it mutual.




It is soo complicated, and im sure he likes me as well.. how do I tell him I like him

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I would walk away. Please do not get in the way of any possible reconciliation, especially so close to the baby being born. Even if they do not decide to stay together, it has to be their decision and their decision alone without you butting in. Also, even if they do not intend to be together, they must establish some sort of relationship - coparents, etc, that is amicable for the sake of the baby. I mean - they live in the same house and its just going to be drama. If they are "not together" - then why isn't he living in his own place? Also - as far as the "nowhere to go" - she is living in the home of the grandparents of her child. That is hardly someone who is just there as a freeloader "just because".


This will not end well.

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