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I have been reading this poem and im having a hard time understand it ( im going through a break up) please help?


Plagued with a distant feeling

Desolation paves the road thin

Words spinning and reeling

That paint the cornerstones of a mouth with sin

Self-defense mechanisms engaged

A brain on fire, equipped with rage

The afterthought becomes the shock

Fore the idea was the catalyst that sparked the flame

Time fades in on itself

And soon becomes jus a shadow of a memory

Resurrection fails to trigger

Even the slightest whisper

Of a moment that remains pale in comparison

Like a tiny scratch that goes unnoticed or a fly on the wall

The blatant absence of emotion, only growing colder

If only the feeling could be willed away

But it's ever consuming, forming a stone-like mold in the place of a heart

A degrading, yet uncanny sense of comfort attained from this mess

In this scene, pride is swallowed for the sake of dignity

And all the same, a mistake that feels pretentious

A burden with no bearing held by the giver

The receiver may finally collapse beneathe the weight

With a sigh of relief or defeat?

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