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Really forever???!!!

tell me

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I am a 30 years old single guy and as I see it, I will be this way forever.


I have lived until my late twenties in a strict background which restricted having a relationship.


Today I have changed and find myself strangling the basic communication skills to start a dissent conversation with a woman.


I read searched about the topic but nothing.


My hart shreds into pieces every time I see time I see a couple walking down the street holding hands.

I quit listing to romantic songs and watching movies because I can't bare the pane.

I am full of over fluting sizzling love which is burning my sole.


I am in a deeply depressed, I just what someone to shear my love and feelings with.


I know I am the only one who can help me, but I really don't know what to do.


Please help!

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Firstly, you sound totally desperate to find and have a relationship... This will not help even if you were confidently speaking with woman, they would soon pick up on this and, for most woman, it would be a big turn off!


It can often seem that everybody else around you is in a happy relationship but this is not really the case, just a skewed take on reality.


As with anything though, you need to find ways to make your life happy and fulfilled without relying on a relationship to do it for you. People are generally more attracted to happy people!

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