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Absolutely cannot stand working

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So as the title says I absolutely cannot stand working. I'm soon to be 32 years old and have pretty much been working since I was 11 years old(paper route) with a few breaks over the years. Most recently I was unemployed for a lil over 2 years until a neighbor got tired of seeing me in the neighborhood during the day and gave me a job. This was back in April of this year and I am still employed with him at the moment. Prior to this job I was doing electrical construction. Now I am doing carpentry work, building, remodeling. At first I was thankful to be getting back to work even though I would have been happy if I never found another job ever again. Now I feel like I'm trapped in hell.


I'm working harder than I have ever worked before in my life making the same hourly wage I worked for when I was 24 minus benefits(no bennys at all). At first I didn't mind the job as I was actually doing something productive, now I can't stand it. I have to force myself out of bed in the morning and at night I sit in pain thinking about waking up the next morning. My boss is an absolute slave driver, treats and talks to me like I'm 12 years old. ABSOLUTE HELL. Friday can't come soon enough but I can't even look forward to Friday because now I'm expected to work Saturdays for straight time(I'm paid under the table and he doesn't pay time and a half for overtime). He doesn't even ask, just expects me to work. 2 weeks ago it was Friday morning and we were on our way to the job when he looked at me and said you're working tomorrow. I said it ain't happening as I had stuff to do and he started screaming at me basically saying that from that day forward to plan on working Saturdays with no exceptions.


I can't take it anymore. Not just this job but working in general. When I think of work I think of slavery. At 32 I still have NO CLUE what I want to do with my life. I don't have much of an education other than a high school diploma and some trade school. I have no interest in going back to school and piling on thousands of dollars in debt. I don't even wanna wake up anymore if this is how the next 40 years are gonna be.


I try to tough it out but I'm just getting to nerves end. I'm in debt and have been hammering away at paying off my last balance. I try to tell myself that once I'm free of this debt and save up a little emergency fund I can tell my boss to screw and be done with the job. I get out of my car everyday at the shop repeating to myself "end game.......end game" so I can muster up the strength to keep walking to the shop and not turn around and get back into my car and drive home.


I keep being told to look for another job if I don't like this one.........find something you would like to do. Told that "I HAVE to work" and there are no other options other than that. I don't want to be a SLAVE. I don't to be like everyone else. The Jones'. No thanks. I'd rather sleep on a beach someplace and eat at soup kitchens rather than be trapped in a job I hate, up to my eyeballs in debt with a 30 year mortgage, car payments, nagging wife, and crying kids(the american dream?). That's not me.


I dunno what to do. How to keep my head up and look forward. I'm probably not even making any sense to anybody and just ranting but I needed to get this out other than letting it build up inside. Arggggggggggggggggggg * * * do I do? No matter what job I take on I will be in the same spot after a month or 2 hating life.

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I think you have to get at least a 2 year degree if not a 4 year degree (at night/part time) and perhaps look into working in the school system where, at some point you can perhaps qualify to teach and get tuition reimbursement for furthering your education. There are many state schools that are not too expensive and you can qualify for financial aid.

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We ALL HAVE to work for the majority of our life. We all have bills to pay and there's no way around it, but to get a job and work to pay for the roof over our head and the food on our tables etc. It's part of life and the sooner you accept that this is what you will be doing for the next 30 years, the easier it will be for you. You're still so young and already hate working? If you hate working so much, and have no interest in going back to school, then what exactly do you want out of life and how do you see yourself living and being able to afford ANY kind of lifestyle? Just trying to understand how you expect this to work.

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ohhh man...there are so many options you have no idea....

There are so many short term courses you can take, which eventually will grant you really high paying salaries, and

if you ever decided to open a business of your own in these fields you can up your monthly salary up to about 5000-10000$ a month.

I know some people from me neighborhood in the 30's, one of them took a 3 months course of plumbing, as funny as it sounds, the guy makes 4000$ on average working for somebody, and another guy who took an electrician course, not talking about his start pay which way above the average, now that he joined the union, he makes 90000$ a year.

I would suggest you to look into this kind of courses, where you dont have to study for too long, only a couple of months, and once you are done, you

can make a much decent living, and if you open your own business you can just a couple of digits up.

Hope i helped.

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Work is a necessary evil, but it sounds like your boss is a jerk. I disagree that you would be just as unhappy if you found a better job where you were treated better. If you're not that into school you should go to a shorter program like at a community college or something, or just take PT classes while still working at a job but I really think that you'd be happier if you found a different job than the one you have now. If you can find a job that you like, you won't feel like a slave anymore. It really helps when you have a good connection or are even friends with your coworkers.

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Please do the adult thing and find out what you LOVE to do. When you love what you do, you aren't working. You're doing what you love. I adore going into work because I went to school and racked up debt and DID something productive. I don't mind the debt because waking up every morning looking forward to going to work is somethng you CANNOT put a price on!

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Please do the adult thing and find out what you LOVE to do. When you love what you do, you aren't working. You're doing what you love.


Often what people love to do in their leisure time, such as basketweaving, is not very lucrative and profitable, so they try something like I have done, such as getting some office certification to help get a higher wage. You mentioned earlier you were a teacher. Not all of us are fulfilled teachers, including myself. 1 brother and 1 sister of mine were teachers, and they were not fulfilled. They complained a lot about their jobs, actually, such as workload, class-size and low-pay. Do you think you are the perfect example we should all look up to?

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LOL! Perfect example? Me? Not even close. I'm just an ordinary person, nothing out of the ordinary, who loves her job. I was not telling people to teach. If you don't like the job, do something else because it effects your students, though you may not realize it. Yes, there are a lot of negatives to teaching, but the positives far outweigh the negatives...for ME. It is not that way for everyone and I never said it was. Funny, you mentioned basket weaving, but I knew a girl from England who moved here and was looking for a job. She DID make baskets, believe it or not, and made a handy little living selling them at swap meets. If you want to do what you love, ANYTHING is possible.

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